RETAIL POS Software Suite

Our software suite has been designed for retailers by a company who understands retail. The suite is ideal for retailers looking to deploy POS and store office applications that use the same architecture and business objects along with kiosk, catalog, and e-commerce.  The framework manages the integration between new and previously deployed functionality, and allows retailers to build a customer facing applications that fit individual business needs. It offers just as powerful platforms as other POS enterprise software, but at a more affordable price and allows the flexibility and control retailers need to deploy applications quickly, accurately, and on-budget.

Our suite consists of two parts:

  • RETAIL Store
  • RETAIL Central Office


The RETAIL Store supports customer-friendly functions such as pricing events and customizable receipts that include warranty information printing and points/rewards management.  The screen layout is easily configurable with no programming required, allowing such things as demographic promots to be turned on with a moment's notice.


  • All Standard Sales and Cash Management functions
  • Multiple accountability options
  • Payment System Interface
  • Via RETAIL Suite or direct to leading providers
  • Debit / Credit / Gift Card Processing
  • Via RETAIL Suite or direct to leading providers
  • Support for Warranty information printing, etc per item
  • Related item up sell capability
  • Return to Original Tender
  • Updated Automatic Exchange Pricing
  • Return transaction automatically refunds difference on lower price (sale) items
  • Quotes
  • Special Orders
  • In-Store Pickups
  • Merchandise Transfers
  • Integration of all common POS devices (Scanner, PIN, Sig Cap, Scales, etc. Via OPOS)
  • Thin-Client Support
  • Legacy Hardware Support

RETAIL Central Office

RETAIL Central Office is a multi-purpose suite of applications designed to help you manage business by providing views into sales audit, customer awareness, loss prevention and more. In addition, sales audit can act as a pre-processor to other enterprise applications including General Ledger.  Designed to run on the IBM i-Series, the i-Series tools will handle configuration changes; software updates and report back on success rates.


  • Coupon
  • Credit Authorization/Settlement
  • Customer Management
  • Gift Card Processing
  • Item Maintenance
  • Loss Prevention
  • Pricing and Events
  • Returns
  • Sales Audit

The coupon module supports both tax-reducing and tender coupons in the transaction set. 

Credit Authorization / Settlement
The Suite offers the convenience of integrated Credit Authorization. Most major credit providers are supported and with network fail over and alternative dial backup, there is 99% connectivity ensuring that transactions make it to where they need to be. These connectivity options increase a retailer’s ability to take advantage of the best pricing options available from credit providers.

Customer Management
The Customer Management module helps retailers become intimate their best customers. Combined with the Pricing and Events module, additional benefits can be extended to them, including promotional gift cards and savings at the point-of-sale. This module is configurable to fit a retailer's individual business needs.

Gift Card Processing
Gift Card Processing is for retailers who want to be in control of their own gift card program. By using this module, retailers manage gift card transactions and balance themselves while increasing average transaction dollar value when a gift card is used for payment. Customers can be enticed by tying promotional gift cards to deal pricing events and promotions. Features include:

  • Online gift card authorization
  • Partial payment feature
  • Complete tracking of every transaction
  • Eliminates typical GC related fraud
  • External export and import for 3rd party authorization

Item Maintenance
The Item Maintenance module handles receiving, transfers and return to vendors.

Loss Prevention
The Loss Prevention package enhances a retail IT team’s ability to specify and identify variances. These variances can then be trended over any amount of time and put into the report format specified. Features include:

  • Trending and pattern detection by store, register, employee and time
  • Trending over days, weeks or months in user-defined format
  • PC-style Windowing with "Zoom In/Out" for detail
  • Select transactions by transaction type
  • Extensive exception reporting
  • User-specified tolerances for deviations and variations by store
  • Maintenance of running totals and averages for voids, over/shorts, etc.
  • Split screen to view original transaction vs. refund, post void, or suspend and resume transactions

Pricing and Events
The Pricing and Events module allows retailers to create deals to stay competitive in the market segments. Whether they are multi-pack deals, n-for-x, scaled discounts, limited quantity or others, retailers can create a deal that will entice customers to come to through the door. Other features include:

  • Related item processing
  • Up sells
  • Returns
  • Link items with messages
  • Quantity-based tier pricing (Nth item)  

The Returns module includes return to tender capability as well as the ability to research a variety of transaction factors to bring the transaction back to the POS.

Sales Audit
The Sales Audit function quickly passes sales information throughout the enterprise helping retailers react quickly to market demands and be on top of trends before they happen.  Features include:

  • Sales Audit provides retailers with a clear connectivity strategy. The host can be interfaced before or after the sales process.
  • Full data reformat to feed production systems
  • Full audit trail for interactive adjustments and entry – no clunky Windows interface to fumble through.
  • The i-Series is faster in a transactional-based environment
  • PC-style windowing with zoom in/out detail
  • Daily, weekly, period comparisons
  • Designed for company, region, store and register