S-O-S™ Enterpise Help App

The first enterprise level application to address and report the operational status of iOS devices and their software, our app won't let you drown in mobile POS support and troubleshooting.  S-O-S's sole purpose is to provide device, network and Wi-Fi data at the time of a problem and become a primary aid in diagnosing and correcting that problem within the shortest period of time.

  • "Two Tap" design will instantly provide over 25 operational statuses.
  • Easily send data to Remedy, Service Now, and other incident tracking systems.
  • Reports on various OEM sleds.
  • Simple icon branding to meet your company's identity standards.

SOS Enterprise Help App

Information Description  Device S-O-S Supported Apple Supported
Device Name iOS based  X  X
System OS iOS based  X  X 
System OS Version iOS based  X  X 
Model  iOS based  X  X 
Serial #  iOS based  X  
UDID  iOS based  X  X 
Battery Charge Level  iOS based  X  X 
Battery State  iOS based  X  X 
IMEI  iOS based  X  X 
Connection Status  OEM sled  X  
SDK Version  OEM sled  X  
Hardware Version  OEM sled  X  
Serial #  OEM sled  X  
Battery Charge Level  OEM sled  X  
Battery Voltage Level  OEM sled  X  
Battery State  OEM sled  X  
Bar Code Scan Test  OEM sled  X  
Mag Card Read Test  OEM sled  X  
Encryption Test   OEM sled  X  
Connected AP SSID  OEM sled  X  
Connected AP BBSID  OEM sled  X  
IP Address  iOS based  X  
Subnet Mask  iOS based  X  
Default Gateway Address  iOS based  X  
DNS Address  iOS based  X  
MAC Address  iOS based  X  
JSON Message Delivery  iOS based  X  X 

Version 2.0 scheduled to include: AP Scan and List, Device Wi-Fi RSSI, Device Wi-Fi Power Level, Wi-Fi Change Logging, RAM Memory in Use, Running Apps PID Listing, Running Apps Memory Footprint, Device Encryption Listing, Plist File Gathering and Reporting, and Syslog Message Relay.