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Learn More About Our Solution for Card Skimmer Prevention

Finally, a simple, affordable solution to prevent credit card skimming. Fill out the form here to learn more or request a sample!

Credit card skimming is on the rise, and it's important for merchants to keep their customers' secure information safe at the payment terminal. 

We have developed an easy solution to prevent credit card skimmers from being attached to your payment terminals. By affixing a small, branded piece of foam to your payment terminals with super strong adhesive, we've found you can prevent card skimmers from being installed. This solution does not require an onsite technician visit, drastically reducing the cost to deploy.

You can contact us to learn more and we are happy to offer you a free sample today so you can test our products on your own equipment.

We have solutions available for the following payment terminals:

  • Verifone MX Series (925 and 915)
  • Verifone M400
  • Ingenico Lane Series (3000, 5000, 7000)
  • Additional OEMs’ terminals or customization available upon request

Level 10 credit card skimming prevention solution affixed to a Verifone MX series payment terminal