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5 Hard Truths You Need to Hear About Your Retail IT Rollouts

It’s time for some real talk about your technology deployments.

Level 10 has more than 20 years of experience with IT rollouts for leading retail and hospitality merchants. We’ve seen it all over the years, and now it’s time for some real talk.

We get it - increasing demand for technology and connected experiences in stores has generated immense pressure for you to deploy new technology faster than ever. But in your rush to be the first to market with the latest innovations, you may be minimizing elements of your deployments both big and small that can add up to major costs in both time and money.

We’ve identified some of the most common mistakes causing roadblocks in your technology rollouts, such as:

  1. Working with too many vendors
  2. Too many cooks in the kitchen
  3. Bad communication
  4. Not optimizing field technician scheduling
  5. Skipping or minimizing the proof of concept 
Download our white paper today to learn how you can address these hurdles head on, take a realistic approach to your retail IT rollouts, and reduce your risk and cost. 


Download the White Paper