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How Merchants Can Improve IT Deployment Success Rates [eBOOK]

Overcome the challenges posed by an increasing amount of complex IT deployments with centralized technology staging.

Merchants are deploying more technology in stores than ever before. As the number of technology deployments has increased, managing the rollouts has become more complex, especially when it comes to speed to market.

One solution is centralized technology staging, which allows you to install any software or attach accessories to your devices before technicians even touch them in the field. Centralized staging provides you with a plug-and-play approach to your large-scale retail deployments, allowing you to improve the success of your IT deployment by:

  • Simplifying fieldwork
  • Limiting new hardware failure rates
  • Streamlining your technology deployment partner relationships
Download our eBook today to learn how you can improve your IT deployment success rates and reduce infield work, remediations, revisits, and other potential costs.  

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