COVID-19 Payment Terminal Protection

Level 10 strongly recommends following all OEM published guidelines for the cleaning of their specific equipment.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably brought upon us a new era of risk aversion in regards to high-touch areas, such as payment terminals.  While IT and Store Operations professionals may repeatedly warn, post, and review best practices guidelines, well-intended store associates and customers are unknowingly damaging this equipment when they spray or wipe down the pin pads & screens with their own cleaning supplies. 

These actions may be removing harmful germs from the devices, but unfortunately, they may also be removing the equipment from your stores.  The seepage of these chemicals into the devices are causing failures, which in turn means:

  • Non-covered warranty maintenance events
  • Lane downtime
  • IT personnel focusing on tracking assets vs. new strategic initiatives
  • Immediate disruption to the customer experience within an already stressful environment
  • Potential need to procure new units if they cannot be repaired
  • Additional cost and time to install new/repaired units

Unfortunately, in an uncontrolled environment such as a merchant's space, the cleaning & resulting failure of payment devices can become cyclical without a solution to minimize this risk. 

A Way Forward

Level 10's solution is a 3M adhesive-adhered, clear silicone screen & key pad cover set that will eliminate chemicals from entering the circuitry of the units or damage the capacitive screen.  Protection products have already been developed for the following terminals, but can and will be produced for other leading devices upon request:

  • Verifone MX Series (925 & 915)
  • Verifone P400



For pricing and availability, please contact us.


1. Have these protective covers been developed in partnership with the OEMs?

A. No, these have been independently developed & tested by Level 10.  We strongly recommend all merchants follow the OEM published guidelines for the cleaning of their specific equipment.  The purpose of the covers, screens and cases produced by Level 10 are solely to minimize the risks associated with the non-authorized use of cleaning chemicals on the units by store associates and/or consumers.

2. How are these protective covers and screens applied to ensure a quality seal?

A. The protective covers and screens are adhered to the payment terminals using 3M adhesives.  A instructional guide is included with the equipment and is able to be completed by store managers/associates.  There is no need to hire independent third parties unless desired.

3. Are these protective covers and screens easily removed?

A. No, the protective covers and screens cannot be easily removed by accidental or purposeful application by consumers/store associates.  When required to change out covers after extended use, the 3M adhesive can be easily removed for proper cleaning prior to reapplication. 

4. Is the keypad cover ADA compliant?

A. Yes, the keypad contains the required raised buttons.

5. Do I have to buy both the screen cover and the key pad cover?

A. No, customers are not required to purchase both the screen and the key pad cover.  However, it is our recommendation that the use of both will optimize both the overall solution and fit for the device in order to minimize cleaning agents entering and/or damaging the units.  While capacitive touchscreens are designed to handle more frequent cleaning, the varied amount of uncontrolled cleaning agents, increased wiping and seepage into the minimal connection gaps are reasons to consider the additional protection measure.