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In-Store Technology Support

Historically, IT teams only had to manage the network, point-of-sale, and back office systems. Now, changing consumer behavior has led to more technology in stores than ever before. With an ever-increasing amount of devices in stores, there are more challenges such as:

  • More warranties and consumables to manage
  • Varying service needs and levels
  • Decentralized data to collect and analyze
  • More vendors and processes to manage

Our In-Store Technology Solutions Provide Comprehensive Support

  • Move-Add-Change/field services
  • Onsite preventive maintenance
  • Exchange and Advanced Exchange repair programs
  • GFS
  • Warranty entitlement and enhancement
  • Help desk

Our team of experts can help you improve lane uptime, reduce onsite visits and resolution times, manage costs and risk, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

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Learn more about our in-store technology support solution.