Key Injection Services

As a Certified ESO with a state-of-the-art key injection facility, we can become an integral part of your PCI and security strategy by providing the highest level of security and compliance with every key injection performed. We are registered with all major processors and offers a dedicated Key Injection Services Team, who is highly skilled in the key injection process.  To date, the team has injected thousands of units successfully.  All units are traceable by serial number through our customer web portal, allowing 24/7/365 visibility from injection to end-of-life.

Our key injection services certifications, compliancies and features include:

  • Certified Encryption Service Organization (ESO)
  • ANSI TR-39-2009, Pin Security Compliance (TG 3) with network mandated audits
  • Star Network, Inc. Security Compliance                                    
  • NYCE Security Compliance            
  • Pulse Security Compliance
  • Visa Pin Security Compliance 
  • Registered with First Data, Chase Paymentech, RBS and Bank of America.
  • Secure equipment storage with limited personnel access protects pin pad devices and other sensitive equipment  24/7.
  • Serial number tracking and visibility through our customer web portal, which minimizes data security risks and helps manage equipment investments.
  • Custom software loads provides a more efficient and cost effective hardware rollout. 

We Know You Need Less Partners To Do More

By partnering with a vendor who easily bundles all of your key injection needs, you benefit from:

Hardware Consultation & Procurement-Our partnership with VeriFone and Ingenico allows us to consult-on and procure your hardware at the right price, right time.

In-House Staging & Integration-After procuring your hardware, our 50,000 sq. ft. technology center allows us to immediately enter into the integration phase.

Proof of Concept & Piloting-We build a sample site execution into all of our in-field installations that allows us to properly document and publish training materials for our technicians.  By reducing the “unknowns” upfront, it allows us to move into full-deployment mode on schedule and on budget.

Trained New Store Implementation Teams-We train technicians based on the findings of your pilots to create teams of in-field and in-house support technicians that are prepared to implement your specific technology and are intimately familiar with your stores.

PED Disposal-We offer certified distruction and disposal processes to keep your company, its assets and your customers secure.

Customer Portal-Our Customer Portal allows you track, execute and navigate your project all in one place reducing your time spent on internally managing the process.

In-House Process Improvement & Quality Management System (QMS)-We document and respond to preventative and corrective actions for your integration and logistic processes, which enables us to be nimble in decreasing downtime and a reduction in risk & escalations.