Our Forward10 Volunteerism Model

The Forward10 Volunteerism Model provides outlets to our employees to explore their individual interests in philanthropy, hands-on service and civic engagement. This exciting work-life balance benefit program celebrates our employees' contributions to their local communities and allows them the time and financial resources to move the concept of volunteering and giving back...exponentially.

Our goal is to connect the individual concepts of philanthropy, hands-on service and civic engagement with the intent to create positive change for both the employee volunteering as well as the recipients of such gifts.


Hands-On Service

Civic Engagement

Our Forward10 Philanthropic Promise

We define philanthropy as the practice of giving money or participating in activities to help make life better for others.

Our employees currently philanthropically give to:

As a company, we match dollar-for-dollar any full-time employee's donation to a registered 501(c)3 organization. Employees are able to select their three favorite charities per calendar year, thus doubling their love many times over!

Our Forward10 Hands-On Service Promise

We recognize that philanthropic giving is vitally important to charities, but hands-on service is priceless. We definite hands-on service as the physical contribution to the welfare of others.

Our employees currently lend their time and talents to:

As a company, we provide eight personal time-off hours per calendar year so our employees may find the time they need to give back to worthy causes that are important to them.

Our Forward10 Civic Engagement Promise

To not only be a good neighbor, but an active one is the greatest contribution one can give to their local or greater global community. The collective actions of many to address public issues is how define civic engagement.

Our employees currently civically engage through:

As a technology-focused company, we purchase, stage and deliver computer & peripheral hardware to schools and children's charities within our local community. If you are interested in applying to be a Forward10 technology donation, please contact our Senior Director of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Courtney Stone, at cstone@level10.com.