Protective Spill Covers: Payment Terminal PIN Pad Covers and Screens

Many merchants learned from experience during the COVID-19 pandemic that the seepage of cleaning solutions into their payment terminals causes failures, lane downtime, disruption to the customer experience and additional cost and time spent replacing or repairing units. Worst yet, this becomes cyclical without a solution to minimize this risk.

Payment terminal protection, such as PIN pad covers, can help merchants keep their employees, customers and technology safe.

Our payment terminal protection covers are already in multiple major retailers, with all reporting a significant reduction in device failure rates. Our products include PIN pad covers, screen protectors and screen rim covers featuring:

  • ADA-compliant button texturing
  • 100% clear, alcohol resistant silicone rubber
  • 3M adhesive IP69 waterproof seal
  • 4H hardness for screen protectors

    Level10-Verifone-MX-Series-Protective-Cover Level10-Verifone-P400-Protective-Cover 

    Protection products have already been developed for the following terminals, but customization and additional leading devices are available upon request:

    • Verifone MX Series (925 and 915)
    • Verifone P400
    • Ingenico IPP Series (320 and 350)
    • Ingenico ISC Series (250 and 480)
    • Ingenico Lane Series (3000, 5000, 7000-with camera, 8000-with camera)
    • Ingenico Move Series (5000-with and without camera)

    We are offering free samples of our payment terminal protection covers so merchants can test them on their own equipment. Request a free sample here.