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Your Customers Can (and Want to) Take Care of Themselves

POS self checkout in grocery store
In the age of the self-sufficient smartphone user, maybe it’s time to let customers in retail stores take care of themselves, too. They already expect in-store wi-fi, the ability to order online and pick up in your store. The next natural step is to let them scan and pay without waiting in line at a check stand.

How do you satisfy today’s impatient grocery customer? Even better, how do you improve the customer’s experience AND increase revenue per basket? Can you do all that, lower costs and increase worker efficiency and satisfaction?

Yes, you can, with the Zebra MC18 Personal Shopper mobile computer. Zebra has a long history with retail which is why Level 10 is partnering with them. From the days of the first bar code scanner, Zebra has created solutions to elevate the customer experience, optimize order fulfillment, and improve in-store operations.

The MC18 lets your customers scan their items while they shop, keeping track of their bill in real time. When they have finished, the system processes their payment as their items are bagged. The customer reduces their visit time by 10-15 minutes on average. Visitors to your store can also create gift lists or registries with the press of a few buttons.

Increase the value your customers bring to your store with targeted promotions based on buying behavior. Customers see promotions on related items, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases. Store associates can manage inventory more efficiently because products are scanned when they are picked by the customer each time.

Zebra’s self service solutions improve your customers’ experience and increase your revenue. Combine that with Level 10’s services including implementation, maintenance, repair and help desk and you have a total solution you can count on.

Like Zebra, Level 10 is committed to the retail industry. Right now, we are offering complimentary demo units! 

Contact us to learn how you can get yours and to see how easy and affordable it can be to improve your customers’ experience.