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Elevating the Customer Experience

store manager helping out costumer
Retail customers are more connected than ever. Yet, the associates they encounter in your store often aren’t. Too often, instead of interacting with a store employee, your customers are doing their own research on your store floor with their smartphones. But you can’t afford to put a mobile computer in the hands of every store associate, can you?

Enter the SB1 Smart Badge from Zebra Technologies. Zebra has a long history with retail which is why Level 10 is partnering with them. From the days of the first bar code scanner, Zebra has created solutions to elevate the customer experience, optimize order fulfillment, and improve in-store operations.

The SB1 is a lightweight, powerful mobile computer that is affordable enough to give to each of your associates. With the SB1, your associates can assist customers with inventory and price checks instantly. In fact, 67% of shoppers report a better shopping experience when associates have a mobile device. A better shopping experience means increased customer satisfaction, better retention and higher sales.

Your managers will be happier, too. With task management software, they can set up task lists for each worker that are communicated when the associate signs in. The associate accepts the task, marks start and end times and can communicate questions, all on a device that fits in the palm of their hands. This leads to reduced costs and a better store experience for your customers.

When the device is not in use, it hangs from a lanyard acting as the employee’s name badge, allowing your customers to more easily identify associates who can assist them.

Zebra’s workforce management solutions improve your customers’ experience and increase your employee’s effectiveness. Combine that with Level 10’s services including implementation, maintenance, repair and help desk and you have a total solution you can count on.

Like Zebra, Level 10 is committed to the retail industry. Right now, we are offering complimentary demo units! 

Contact us to learn how you can get yours and to see how easy and affordable it can be to improve your customers’ experience.