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COVID-19 Response Safety Products

The world has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have especially seen this in the area of consumer reaction and merchant response towards safety and risk minimization. Essential merchants were quick to respond, and the entire economy has mostly re-opened, but the need for safety response products to help keep customers and staff safe in stores remains. 

From standard to custom options, we have a full array of COVID-19 safety products to help you keep your employees, customers and your technology safe, including:

  • Payment Terminal Protection – Our 3M adhesive-adhered, clear silicone keypad covers, screen protectors and screen rim covers prevent cleaning solutions from damaging your payment terminals and are available for most leading devices.
  • Plexiglass Guards – We have standard and custom plexiglass guard options to help you protect your employees and customers at checkout/interaction points.
  • Thermal Screening Tools – We’ve partnered with multiple OEMs to offer industry-leading thermal sensing cameras and personnel management tools.
  • Touchscreen Gloves – Our safe, disposable plastic gloves are available in enterprise-level quantities for use at various locations within your business.
  • Social Distancing Signage – We work with top designers and printers to provide the signage needed to communicate important social distancing guidelines in stores.
  • Rapid Project Augmentation – To help you accomplish your important projects amid constrained personnel and financial resources, we’re offering Rapid Project Augmentation. We manage front-to-back project setup, design, scheduling and more. Should you find yourself in the need to quickly execute a project, but not the time or financial resources to do so, we’re here for you.
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Get in touch to learn more about our COVID-19 safety products.