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Level 10 Named a PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Component


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., September 10, 2018 – Level 10, LLC was named a Point-to-Point Encryption Component by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC). As a certified P2PE Component, Level 10 must validate that the hardware, software, environment and documented processes all meet the compliance standards set in place by the PCI Council.

Level 10 utilizes components such as video monitoring, quality checklists and dual access control to ensure payment terminals are securely transferred throughout our facility. This confirms all PCI standards are met and provides an increased level of security for the retailer as well as their customers.

As security is a major concern in the retail environment, being compliant with the security of payment card information has become a top priority for merchants. The point-to-point solution allows that information to be securely encrypted at the earliest point of acceptance within the device before traveling from the point-of-sale terminal to the final payment processing point, largely reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

Our goal at Level 10 is to provide an easy and enjoyable work life for our customers. It was important for us to become P2PE certified in order to help our customers mitigate some of that risk and, in turn, protect their customers’ information as well. Keith Thoms, Vice President of Operations, stated “Becoming a certified P2PE Component allows Level 10 to provide higher security standards and reduced compliance efforts for our customers in the retail industry. It was critical to become an early adopter and go beyond the minimum PCI requirements, so we can increase the level of protection and quality we are able to provide to our valued customers.”

About Level 10, LLC

With increasing IT challenges, Level 10 recognizes that merchants need less partners to do more. By strategically bundling services – like hardware procurement, key injection, staging & integration, maintenance, field services and service desk – Level 10 acts as an extension of retailers’ IT teams through technology deployments, store openings/closings/remodels and instore support work.