Store Closings & Remodels

Our Store Closing & Remodeling Solution provides end-to-end store support for:

  • De-Installation
  • Disposal/Destruction
  • Refurbishment for Storage or Remarketing

You may choose to bundle all of our store closing & remodeling services to save both time and money -or- select what you specifically need a la carte from:

Field Services


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Asset Management


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We Understand Your Store Closing & Remodeling Challenges

Store closings and remodels present IT teams unique challenges because of the high value placed on assets to be repurposed or securely disposed. For you, this means:

  • Time sensitive logistics
  • Audit of equipment condition
  • Tracking of warranty entitlement
  • Certified disposal or refurbishment of assets
  • Coordination of asset storage for future use

All of these challenges, coupled with your personnel being stretched for time & resources, could result in:

  • Increased onsite costs to meet freight
  • Lost or broken assets
  • Paying for unnecessary maintenance
  • PED security issues
  • Disposal/destruction concerns

This creates a need for less partners who can do more.

We Know You Need Less Partners To Do More

By partnering with a vendor who easily bundles all of your needs, you benefit from:

  • Less cost & risk
  • Centralized data of assets, failures, storage, disposal and destructions
  • Warranty entitlement and management
  • Fewer vendors and processes