What to Expect at NextPoint 2015

01 Oct 2015

This weekend, Level 10 will be attending the NextPoint 2015 conference, which takes place on October 4-7 in San Antonio, Texas. This conference provides a great opportunity for retailers and restaurant owners to connect with providers of a wide variety of solutions, including IT, marketing, operations, and e-commerce.

Whether you are an executive at a retail or restaurant chain looking for technological solutions to improve your business or a provider of one of those solutions, NextPoint offers some great opportunities to connect with colleagues and partners, learn about new products and strategies, and network via enjoyable social events.

NextPoint has a unique conference format in which Chain Executives are placed in groups whose members have similar interests. These groups will be able to view presentations from Solution Providers, who will provide them with details about the products and services which they offer. Executives will then be able to schedule one-on-one appointments with the providers to learn more information and engage in more detailed conversations about their solutions.

In addition to the boardroom sessions, NextPoint 2015 will also feature valuable keynote addresses by Roy Spence, the Co-Founder and CEO of The Purpose Institute, and Scott Mattison, the Chief Movement Officer of FutureSight Lab, as well as an interactive session on Operationalizing Innovation, in which attendees can learn new strategies for driving innovation in their business.

These exciting presentations and sessions, along with the networking possibilities that will be available in social events like luncheons, receptions, and a golf tournament, bring a great deal of value to attendees, whether they are looking to learn about new technologies for their stores or restaurants or meet and collaborate with others in their industry.

At Level 10, we are excited about the possibilities that NextPoint has to offer. If you will be attending and would like to connect with us, please contact us. We hope to see you there!