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5 Reasons Your Stores Are Overdue for a Network Upgrade and Refresh

man adjusts wires in a network cabinet

With increased demand for virtualization, greater advertising and communication needs, and ongoing cross-channel initiatives, in many cases it’s past time for merchants to invest in a network upgrade to ensure they can support the growing number of devices in stores.

Major retailers such as Home Depot and Kroger have made major investments in network infrastructure upgrades recently, and they aren’t alone. Most IT leaders with an eye toward improving the customer experience in stores have a network upgrade on their roadmap.

Here are five signs your stores are overdue for a network refresh as well.

1. You’re Managing More Devices Than Ever

Devices in stores used to consist of point of sale systems, and not much else. Now, from self-serve kiosks to handheld scanners, not to mention complementary in-store WiFi for patrons, almost every IT initiative retailers are taking on requires greater networking capability.

In fact, 99% of respondents in a recent SoftServe/Wakefield study predict an influx of technology investments in 2024, with anticipated IT investments up by 10%.

With continued investment in more store technology on the horizon for the foreseeable future, it’s crucial to invest in the network infrastructure to support those devices. 

2. You Need Enhanced Data Security

Unfortunately, legacy networks are more vulnerable to malicious attacks. And in a world where digital threats are evolving rapidly and data privacy is increasingly important to shoppers, top of the line data security is crucial in your stores.

Upgraded network infrastructure allows you to take advantage of the latest security protocols, firewalls, and advanced encryption methods. An upgraded network also ensures compliance with privacy regulations, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches.

By upgrading your network, you can provide enhanced protection for your business and customers, giving you peace of mind.

3. You Can Improve Your Customer and Employee Experience

By upgrading the performance and speed of your network, you significantly improve the in-store experience for both customers and staff. A faster and more reliable network helps you to deliver a consistent experience, whether your customers are purchasing in store, online, or via mobile app.

Further, public in-store WiFi allows you to offer more convenience and personalization to shoppers’ experiences. All these factors contribute to the frictionless experience shoppers expect from retailers. 

Graphic displays how a network upgrade enables a frictionless shopping experience by improving network speed & performance, omnichannel integration, and persionalization & customization.

A reliable network is also crucial for your employees. They depend on the network for tasks such as accessing product information, processing transactions, and communicating with other team members. By upgrading your network, you empower your employees to serve customers more efficiently.

4. You Want to Enable Remote IT Support

Cloud-based network platforms allow remote IT help desk teams to provide support from anywhere. With improved infrastructure and remote IT support capabilities, your team can spend less time remediating network issues and avoid the costs and delays associated with an onsite technician visit.

5. You’re Planning Ahead for Future Connectivity

The pace of new technology investments in stores is not expected to slow down any time soon. By investing in your network infrastructure now, you can ensure you’re equipped to manage future rollouts.

Refreshing your network infrastructure with the latest capabilities improves your future deployments and management, providing scalability as the number of devices in stores continues to grow. By upgrading your network, you’ll set yourself up for success to quickly adapt to the next emerging technologies and consumer demands.

Ready for a Network Upgrade?

If your stores are still running on outdated network infrastructure and you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, frequent downtime, or security vulnerabilities, it’s time to consider a network refresh.

At Level 10, we help large retailers and restaurants assess their current network infrastructure and develop a comprehensive upgrade plan. When you partner with Level 10, we handle every aspect of the upgrade process, from conducting a thorough assessment of your existing network infrastructure to implementing the refresh with minimal disruption to your store operations.

Don’t let an outdated network interfere with your customer experience. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your network upgrade started. 

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