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6 Ways We Protect What's Important to Retailers

retail associate helping out costumer
New store technologies are often mission critical for retailers seeking to engage today’s demanding, digitally empowered consumer. RIS News’27th Annual Retail Technology Study found associate mobile devices, shopper tracking and digital devices such as signage and kiosks are the hottest store tech projects going on now.

At Level 10 we know how valuable those investments are ― both in dollars and cents, and in their ability to support retailers’ business goals. That’s why we made investments above and beyond the typical service provider to ensure retailers’ tech investments are protected every second they are in our care. It’s a comprehensive approach that adds up to peace of mind for customers, knowing their assets are where they should be at all times, so they’re ready for deployment.

1. High Definition Cameras

Our facility is outfitted with 42 HD cameras for thorough coverage. That visibility delivers a lot of benefits. Not only are we protecting against theft and pilferage, but we’re also recording the movement of every asset. From time to time, a customer can’t locate an item we shipped to their location; with our camera system, we can go back and find the image of that item getting boxed up and shipped out. That helps narrow the search for the asset, which is often simply misplaced in a backroom at the store.

2. Secure Staging Network

Many retailers entrust Level 10 to stage their sensitive payment and other technology. We invested in a Cisco Meraki Networking System to ensure the highest security for this data. Some retailers use our public IP addresses for VPN connection into our staging area, where our network administration team can designate a single bench for the job, or scale up to many, without ever having to open network cabinets.

For those retailers providing their own dedicated connection to our building, our locked network cabinets are only accessible by that team. No one else can access our routers or customer networks.

This well-defined, well-locked down system offers an extra layer of security beyond what is found at many OEMs. Retailers can feel assured that no one will accidentally put data on the wrong network.

3. Backup Generator

We don’t just back up our network; we operate a full building, natural gas generator. In the event of a power outage, we can run the entire facility for a long time as if it was on full power. That’s what allows us to deliver up-time near 99.9%.

4. Dual Control, Anti-Passback Access System

We never allow a staff member to access our facility alone; at least two people must be present for access. Anti-passback prevents one person to “swipe in” for another. We always know who comes in, who leaves, and when. This is a PCI requirement for anyone working with payment terminals, but we applied it to our whole building, not just the area where payment terminals are stored and accessed.

5. Automation

Retailers often test their solutions on a single device. When we take over, we adapt that process for a high-volume operation by automating wherever possible. That results in higher quality and scalability; often, we can work four times faster than an OEM for the same process. That’s very valuable for operations such as adding passwords and log-ons; fewer people interacting with payment devices means higher security.

6. Hiring

Our staff manages sensitive data and valuable equipment. So we hire from within the security and payments industries, then put new staffers through an extensive background check.

Level 10 relies on retailer trust to help our business thrive. That’s why it is worth it for us to invest in an extremely high level of security to protect our customers’ assets. We often exceed requirements, because we know a many-layered approach is the best way to ensure retailers that their assets are entrusted to the right hands.

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