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Key Considerations As Retailers Ramp Up For Mobile POS

costumer pays at mobile pos with phone
The latest Mobile POS Vendor Database report released by IHL Group provides new data that suggests mobile POS growth will surpass 95% worldwide this year. What’s more, this remarkable growth in 2014 is expected to surpass 108% in North America alone.

These are some impressive findings and are certainly indicative of the current needs of our customers. Additional data in the report not only breaks down growth rates by regions and segments, but also highlights some of the key players in mobile POS currently dominating the market share.

Although Apple has a dominant share with 39.9% mobile POS installations worldwide, Motorola Solutions, Hewlett Packard (HP), and MICROS are some the greatest shipment growth potential in 2014 – in some cases, tripling the growth rate – according to the report.

Some other key highlights, include:

  • 47% of total mobile POS shipments in 2013 (worldwide) were iOS devices, with Android at 33% and Windows 8 at 12%.
  • 64% of current mobile POS devices are in a form factor of less than 5 inches in screen (phones).
  • Both consumer grade and rugged devices are seeing strong growth worldwide, but price and device lifetime expectations vary widely by retail segments.

One of the ways we’ve increased our value proposition as the new Level 10 is by providing a full range of services to support the multifaceted hardware needs of today’s retailers. In addition, our partnership with over 45 OEMs and solution providers (including Apple, Motorola and HP) allows us to maintain product strength and helps our customers stay ahead of market trends.

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