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Satisfy the Self-Service Customer

woman using self service kiosk
Some of your customers want a personal touch from one of your talented associates. Others would like to handle their questions on their own. In an age when people are accustomed to having the information they need at their fingertips; how can you help your customers have the same experience in your store?

The MK Micro Kiosk series from Zebra Technologies is one way. Zebra has a long history with retail which is why Level 10 is partnering with them. From the days of the first bar code scanner, Zebra has created solutions to elevate the customer experience, optimize order fulfillment, and improve in-store operations.

The multi-function, multimedia-capable MK3100 and MK4000 kiosks let you provide a customized self-service experience and answer simple or complex information requests. With the built-in bar code scanner, customers can confirm the price of an item instantly. Once the shopper has scanned an item, you can set the system up to suggest complimentary or similar items for them to consider.

For larger products, you can have the customer scan the product tag and arrange for pick up in the store or delivery. If the customer ordered that product on your website for in-store pickup, they can enter their information on an MK when they arrive instead of standing in line. An associate brings the product directly to the customer and gets them on their way, increasing customer satisfaction and improving employee productivity.

When the self-serve customer needs assistance from your staff, the Micro Kiosk can connect to the store communication system to bring an associate to the customer. Instead of walking the store looking for help, or leaving altogether, your customer gets the help needed and you increase the likelihood of closing the sale.

Zebra’s self-service solutions improve your customers’ experience and increase your sales. Combine that with Level 10’s services including implementation, maintenance, repair and help desk and you have a total solution you can count on.

Like Zebra, Level 10 is committed to the retail industry. Right now, we are offering complimentary demo units! 

Contact us to learn how you can get yours and to see easy and affordable it can be to improve your self-service solutions.