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Hotel and Resort Guests Expect More Technology

hotel guest using technology
There was a time, not so long ago, when a guest appreciated free Wi-FI in a room, restaurant, or lobby. The idea of making a reservation on their smartphone was also a plus. Online check-in and any other convenience that prevented them from waiting in lines or other delays just boosted the rating of the property.

Times have indeed changed. Your guests expect that you will have all of these things—and more. Do you have a mobile app that enables them to pre-order their dinner, choose seating in your restaurant, and make purchases anywhere in the resort via their smartphone?

Your goal should not be to merely keep up with your guests’ technology needs, but to anticipate them. Proactively determine how you can improve their satisfaction, which boosts customer loyalty. How can you personalize their experience so they feel welcomed and pampered?

Zebra is deeply invested in the hospitality industry, so Level 10 has chosen to partner with the best. From mobile ordering, check-in, reservations, and purchasing to safety and security, technology paves the way to create an exceptional customer experience. Our combined mobile and POS technology solutions continue to advance the way you do business. Zebra’s enterprise-grade mobile devices—handheld computers, tablets, printers—allow your staff to capture, transmit, and access key information without leaving the guest’s side. With these powerful tools, you can send text messages to your guests to confirm a reservation, alert them a gaming table is available, remind them of a tee time, and advise them that their transportation is ready and waiting. You can also provide a loyalty points update and send special events and offers they won’t want to miss during their visit.

Self-service is critical for today’s hospitality industry. Reduce lines and allow the tech-savyy guests to get what they need, without waiting. Zebra’s micro kiosks provide a tool to give them the convenience they’re looking for. They can check your menu, book a spa appointment, and even use it as a virtual concierge.

Level 10 specializes in technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Please talk to us to learn how easy and affordable it can be to elevate the quality of the guest experience.