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Inventory Out of Control?

man taking inventory
Customers expect you to have the product they want when (and where) they want it. Stock outs send your customers out the door to your competitors. “Unavailable” on your website closes a window for you and opens one for someone else.

Managing inventory is one of a retailer’s greatest challenges. The more SKUs you sell, the harder you have to work to keep an accurate count of what is on hand. Online orders add another level of difficulty. Add in returns and shrinkage and you see where the difficulty lies.

How do you handle inventory better? One step is to put the Zebra MC3000 in your workers’ hands. Zebra has a long history with retail which is why Level 10 is partnering with them. From the days of the first bar code scanner, Zebra has created solutions to elevate the customer experience, optimize order fulfillment, and improve in-store operations.

The MC3000 series mobile computer uses 1D or 2D bar code scanning to capture inventory information. With the latest inventory management software running on Android Jellybean or Windows Mobile 7, your employees can track products from the receiving dock to the store floor. The MC3190Z adds an RFID reader, allowing instant inventory and product tracking with the touch of a button. Your employees spend less time counting and more time making sure customers are happy.

When a customer is looking for your latest product, real-time visibility into your inventory using the MC3000 series mobile computer helps you fulfill that order no matter where it is coming from or where you are keeping the inventory.

Zebra’s inventory management solutions let you know what product is available and where. Combine that with Level 10’s services including implementation, maintenance, repair and help desk and you have an employee mobility solution you can count on.

Like Zebra, Level 10 is committed to the retail industry. Right now, we are offering complimentary demo units! 

Contact us to learn how you can get yours and to see how easy and affordable it can be to improve your inventory management.