Trends and Topics

The Care and Feeding of Seasonal IT

It’s a week after Black Friday, and the store is still showing the signs — every one of those kiosks is out of order. Potential sales are walking out the door. Read More

15 May 2016

Getting the Most Value From Your Store IT Warranties

We look at how to use smart maintenance management and effective use of warranty service to get the most value out of your POS equipment.Read More

15 Apr 2016

How to Make Smarter IT Service Calls: Consolidating Store Maintenance

Retail technology is the new black: Stores are bursting with new devices that retailers hope will attract today’s highly connected, well-informed customer and keep them coming back. Read More

15 Mar 2016

Managing Retail Deployment Lifecycles When There Are So Many Lifecycles to Manage

Once upon a time, the term store systems really meant POS systems, and retailers strived to make their POS systems last as long as possible.Read More

15 Feb 2016

When Stores Change Faster Than the Merchandise

Opening more stores this year? You’re not alone: RIS News and IHL Research’s Store Systems 2016 found retailers will expand their store counts by 5% this year and there will be 4% more remodels in 2016.Read More

20 Jan 2016

What to Expect at NextPoint 2015

Level 10 will be attending the NextPoint 2015 conference. Learn about the benefits of attending this valuable event.Read More

01 Oct 2015

Which Maintenance Service Level Is Appropriate for Different Size Stores?

Depending on the size of their store and their internal resources, companies can take advantage of the different levels of Level 10's maintenance and repair services to best meet their needs.Read More

28 Aug 2015

How EMV Credit Card Technology Provides Increased Security

Learn how the technology behind EMV will reduce the risk of credit card fraud and provide greater protection for both retailers and customers.Read More

06 Aug 2015

Maintaining POS Hardware Longevity

In order to get the most value out of their investment in POS hardware, retailers need to be aware of warranties and practice proactive maintenance.Read More

04 Aug 2015

How Will EMV Affect My Customers?

As retailers work to meet EMV compliance, they will need to consider how the changes they make will affect the customer experience.Read More

27 Jul 2015