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Key Considerations As Retailers Ramp Up For Mobile POS

The latest Mobile POS Vendor Database report released by IHL Group provides new data that suggests mobile POS growth will surpass 95% worldwide this year.Read More

02 Jul 2014

Beacon Technology Gains Momentum As Retailers Look To Drive Customer Engagement, Revenue

Just this past week I had a chance to review Boston Retail Partner’s  (BRP) 15th Annual POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey Report.Read More

02 Jul 2014

In-Store Public Wi-Fi An Absolute “Necessity” To Providing An Enhanced Shopping Experience

One of the most recent benchmark reports released by Retail Systems Research (RSR) entitled, The Relevant Store In The Digital Age, uncovered a serious impediment getting in the way of an enhanced shoppingRead More

02 Jul 2014

HCE Technology, iPhone 6 Expected To Shake Things Up In The Contactless Payments Arena

Since 2011, there has been a lot of talk in the retail space about the growing popularity of NFC contactless payments solutions. While a variety of these solutions have been introduced to the market over theRead More

02 Jul 2014