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Reimagining Payment Terminal Management

The days of payment terminals communicating via dedicated phone lines are quickly slipping away. As more and more payment devices are connected to the Internet, retailers are faced with a brand new challenge: keeping up with payment terminal maintenance. Without time and resources to manage these devices, retailers end up with closed lanes and frustrated consumers while they wait for repairs.  Read More

12 Nov 2019

5 Ways Strong Tech Partners Make Your IT Solution More Successful

As consumers expect more, and technology can do more, tech solutions in the quick service restaurant and retail industries are getting more and more complex: ordering kiosks, interactive digital signage, alternative payments, curbside pickup, and on and on. Many of these solutions are delivering benefits that satisfy both the customer and the bottom line.   Read More

06 Nov 2019

5 Signs You May Be Minimizing Tech Rollout Planning At Your Peril

Retail boardrooms are big believers in the power of technology to transform the store experience. In fact, the most successful retailers have decoupled IT budgets from last year’s revenues and are investing in “transformational IT” spending up to seven times faster than their weakest competitors.Read More

18 Oct 2019

It’s Time to Take a Closer Look at Your PCI 3.0 Payment Terminal Relationship

Retailers love their PCI 3.0-compliance payment terminals. In fact, many kept the relationship going strong even as 4.0 and then 5.0 models appeared, continuing to buy 3.0 devices. But it’s time for the dreaded breakup talk, because there’s some sad news: As of April, 30, 2020, manufacturers are no longer permitted to sell terminals that comply with PCI PTS POI v3.X.    Read More

08 Aug 2019

When Today's Tech-Fueled Stores Meet Yesterday's Silo'd Support and Maintenance

The CIO at a major specialty retailer has a bold prediction: In six months he will be approached for interviews and be invited to sit on industry panels because of a bold idea he had that ended up paying big dividends. The big, impactful decision? Combining maintenance, help desk and repair into one. Making that move can reduce the number of repair incidents by as much as 20%.Read More

23 Jul 2019

Store in a Box is Not a Myth

Retailers have long disbelieved retail technology provider’s claims that they can truly provide a store in a box, a fully configured retail technology solution that arrives at a store complete and ready to plug in and use. Read More

28 Feb 2019

Third-Party Vendor Access: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Network Security

Retail stores are in the throes of an exciting renaissance. Thanks to a sharp uptick in IT investment in stores, shoppers can enjoy a more compelling, data-fueled experience. Associates get the satisfaction of offering real value to the customer and retailers can shift labor to sales as automation takes care of checkout and replenishment.  Read More

05 Feb 2019

More Store Devices Means More Complex Post-Holiday IT Equipment Repair

New store technology has been a big focus for retailers in 2018; store IT spending budgets were up 5% to 6%, according to the RIS’ “2018 Store Systems Study.” Mobile POS and mobile devices for managers and associates topped the list for short-term projects, with digital signage not far behind.  Read More

21 Dec 2018

New Techs at NRF Promise Excitement – and Complexity – for the Store Floor

If you love change and innovation, retail is a pretty exciting place to be these days. As fast as developers invent additional ways to gather, slice and dice data, the retail IT industry is finding new places to leverage them. Read More

06 Dec 2018

Why Retailers Must Stop Neglecting Their Payment Terminals

Payment terminals may be small, but they play an oversized role in the life of a retail organization: They bring in the revenue. They deliver the last impression on the customer. And they represent a critical element in complying with PCI and controlling risk.   Read More

05 Nov 2018