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Is Your Store Tech Holiday-Ready?

Store tech cannibalization plagues many stores, and retailers pay for it come holiday time. Here’s how it works: The front end has three registers, but only two of them are used year-round. The third one is just for holidays, so the rest of the year it becomes the store’s spare pool ― a handy place to grab a replacement printer, a better keyboard, or a working scanner when other units break down.   Then Black Friday looms, and store personnel realize their critical third register is woefully incomplete. They quickly submit a service ticket ― as do many other stores across the chain. The backlog of calls means they may all not get serviced before demand begins to surge.  Read More

30 Oct 2017

Why Your Next Tech Rollout Needs an Automation Engineer

The project is approved, the kinks worked out in pilot, and the stores teed up. Now it’s time to get that new store tech in place to deliver that great new customer experience. All that’s left is a fast, smooth rollout.  Read More

02 Oct 2017

How Level 10 is Kicking Project Management Up a Notch

Change happens. Handled well, the issues that inevitably occur during store tech rollouts ― an unexpected incompatibility among devices, inventory shortages, etc. ― don’t have to disrupt the schedule or derail progress.   Read More

18 Aug 2017

Start Planning Now for the End of Windows Mobile and CE Support

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems have delivered powerful benefits by mobile-enabling many enterprises. But with both facing the end of Microsoft support in January 2020, savvy retailers are embracing the opportunity to modernize their mobile strategies as they select new operating systems.   Read More

17 Jul 2017

Your Customers Can (and Want to) Take Care of Themselves

In the age of the self-sufficient smartphone user, maybe it’s time to let customers in retail stores take care of themselves, too. They already expect in-store wi-fi, the ability to order online and pick up in your store. The next natural step is to let them scan and pay without waiting in line at a check stand.Read More

30 May 2017

Elevating The Customer Experience

Retail customers are more connected than ever. Yet, the associates they encounter in your store often aren’t. Too often, instead of interacting with a store employee, your customers are doing their own research on your store floor with their smartphones. But you can’t afford to put a mobile computer in the hands of every store associate, can you? Read how Zebra’s workforce management solutions combined with Level 10's services can improve your customers’ experience and increase your employee’s effectiveness.Read More

25 May 2017

Satisfy the Self-Service Customer

Zebra’s self-service solutions improve your customers’ experience and increase your sales. Combine that with Level 10’s services including implementation, maintenance, repair and help desk and you have a total solution you can count on. Read how the MK3100 and MK4000 kiosks let you provide a customized self-service experience.Read More

17 May 2017

6 Ways We Protect What's Important to Retailers

Level 10 has made investments above and beyond the typical service provider to ensure retailers’ tech investments are protected every second they are in our care. It’s a comprehensive approach that adds up to peace of mind for customers, knowing their assets are where they should be at all times.Read More

05 Jun 2017

Great Retail Deployments Start in the Warehouse

A leading cause of store technology shipment errors is poor processes in the warehouse where all that equipment was collected and staged. That’s why Level 10 has invested in warehouse asset management best practices that go well beyond the industry standard.Read More

15 May 2017

Hotel and Resort Guests Don't Want More Technology - They Expect It

From mobile ordering, check-in, reservations, and purchasing to safety and security, technology paves the way to create an exceptional customer experience. Learn how Zebra's enterprise-grade mobile devices can advance the way you do business. Read More

08 May 2017