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Inventory Out of Control?

Customers expect you to have the product they want when and where they want it. Learn how to avoid sending your customers to your competitors by utilizing Zebra's 3200 and 3190s.Read More

01 May 2017

Strong Project Management: Not Sexy, But Also Not Optional

When you’ve waited forever for budget approval, feel pressure from store staff for new equipment and see competitors pushing the envelope with cool new technology, it can be tempting to skip some steps when it comes to a store technology deployment.Read More

18 Apr 2017

How to Avoid Store Tech Rollout Horror Stories

With every new sensor, digital display and mobile device, retailers are digitally enriching their stores to create a better customer experience. But each piece of technology adds complexity, especially in networked environments. Read More

21 Mar 2017

NRF Goes Sci-Fi: Preparing for the Digitally Dense Store

The digital transformation of the store was a huge theme at NRF’s Big Show as technology blurs the lines between physical and virtual shopping.  Read More

08 Feb 2017Comments

Filling the PCI Gap: QIR Is the New Must-Have Credential

Retailers have a lot of hoops to jump through to ensure their payment environments are secure. They must make sure their payment applications are PAA-DSS compliant. They must follow PCI-DSS to the letter to prove their payment environment is robust and secure. Read More

09 Jan 2017

How to Make your NRF BIG Show a Success

Retail converges on New York City every January for National Retail Federation’s BIG Show, a must-attend for many in the industry. There is a lot to take in in a short time, so it pays to plan out how to make the most of this year’s show, January 15-17.Read More

22 Dec 2016

How to Learn from the Holiday Rush - 7 Steps to a Store Device Post-Mortem

In the midst of the holiday rush, it’s hard to image how quickly today’s crush of traffic will transform overnight into tomorrow’s post-holiday recovery. But the weeks following a seasonal rush like the holidays aren’t just about cleaning up stores and processing returns. Smart retailers conduct a holiday post-mortem.Read More

04 Nov 2016

Retail Is Creating Jobs That Are Worth Paying More

While minimum wage battles continue, retailers must assume wages for certain positions will increase and act accordingly. But how?Read More

10 Oct 2016

A Better Way to Budget for Next Year’s Hardware

Purchasing new store hardware can deliver great benefits to retailers, whether it’s a brand new technology or an upgrade or replacement of equipment that isn’t performing its best.Read More

01 Sep 2016

Don’t Let Spikes in Help Desk Demand Slow Your Business

The need for help desk services increases during staffing surges; Level 10 often sees spikes of 20% or more.Read More

03 Aug 2016